Our Story, Mission, Vision

Founded on God’s word

Our Story

Founded in 1981, Medina Christian Academy has been blessed to come alongside families as we educate and disciple the next generation. We believe that students discover their God-given gifts and flourish when they are in a Christ-centered environment. Students of all ages thrive in a hands-on, interactive learning environment. At each stage of development, students are actively engaged academically, spiritually, and socially. Our goal is that if someone sat in any class at any time at MCA, it would appear significantly different than a similar class at any other school. God is front and center, as our students study His word and His world.

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more than a building

building relationships

Jesus taught us that the difference is relationship…our greatest desire is for every student to have a personal relationship with Christ. We believe that if our students have a relationship with God and are guided through life by fellow believers, they can learn to seek Christ in all aspects of their life. That’s why we are committed to offering spiritual retreats, opportunities to serve on the mission field, & reflective, spiritual checkpoints throughout the school year… Learning about God goes far beyond the brick and mortar of a building; at MCA it is faith in action.

Training up disciples


The mission of Medina Christian Academy is to grow our students through excellence in academics, discipleship, and service, to the glory of God. We serve students, Pre-K – 12th. Whether learning in the classroom, competing on the playing field, singing in Chapel, performing on stage, or serving on a mission trip, MCA students are encouraged to take up their role as Disciples of Christ.

Helping your children succeed

Our Vision

Medina Christian Academy is a God-centered, edifying environment. We are committed, in everything we do, to help students succeed spiritually, academically, artistically, athletically. While the world may hold many standards and definitions for relationships, excellence, and mission, we have the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Spirit to help us define these missions in terms of what will ultimately grow young lives to the glory of God. We are passionate about helping each student to discover and fulfill God’s gifts and purpose in their lives. Academically, we offer a curriculum based on biblical standards. Our students are prepared for college and beyond.

Medina Christian academy

Caring for your children

We are a community of believers on a mission. Our teachers are a living curriculum; they are followers of Christ, knowing Jesus and seeking to partner with each parent…our teachers are relationship-builders.  They are not only trained in the pedagogy of teaching; our teachers desire to disciple. They seek to train up every student to know God’s truth, understand they are designed to carry out God’s purpose in their lives, and impact the world.

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