AP Capstone Diploma Program

A Unique Opportunity for Our

High School Students

We are proud to offer our High School students the opportunity to participate in AP Capstone, a prestigious diploma program offered through the College Board. Only 2,100 high schools worldwide participate in this program, and Medina Christian Academy is blessed to be one of only 50 select high schools in Ohio providing the opportunity.

This singular program is based on two year-long courses

AP Seminar and AP Research

  • AP Seminar: Focuses on societal problems and research-based solutions
  • AP Research: Guides students in conducting their own unique research studies using qualitative or quantitative methods, including a professional presentation and research defense

Instead of focusing on subject-specific content, these courses develop our students’ skills in research, analysis, debate, evidence-based arguments, collaboration, writing, and presenting. Our students can then apply these important skills in subject areas they are passionate about, giving them a head start in exploring and identifying potential college majors or career opportunities.

If students successfully pass both the AP Seminar and AP Research courses, they receive college credit and a Capstone certificate. If they pass four other AP course exams, they receive the prestigious Capstone Diploma.

Enhancing a High-Quality Christian Education

Benefits of the AP Capstone

As a Christian preparatory high school, Medina Christian Academy encourages the pursuit of academic excellence. The AP Capstone program aligns with our desire to challenge our students to engage in debate, research, and collaboration, and prepares them for collegiate studies. In addition, all students that participate in the AP Capstone have an unparalleled opportunity for research and study that will set them apart as they apply for college. Many universities, including those in the Ivy League, endorse the AP Capstone and encourage their applicants to participate.

Are you seeking an academically challenging, Christ-centered education for your future high school student? We invite you to learn more about our educational mission or begin the admissions process today.

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