Understanding Our High School Pedagogy

Understanding Our High School Pedagogy

What Sets Our Christian High School Teaching Methods Apart?

At Medina Christian Academy, we believe strongly in preparing our students for their future plans after graduation, including post-secondary school. We do this by offering students a curriculum that expands their worldview, improves their capacity for critical thinking and debate, and encourages them to remain curious and become lifelong learners. As a private Christian school, our high school pedagogy is rooted in biblical perspectives and includes many different methods:

Socratic seminars

A Socratic seminar, which stems from Socrates’ belief in the power of inquiry and asking questions, helps students engage in a thoughtful discussion about the material they are exploring in class. This type of teaching method engages students in a deeper understanding of ideas. We encourage students to respectfully offer their thoughts with one another.



Debate is an important activity for our high school students. It helps them to build confidence as a public speaker and provides practice in expressing their views and ideas in a way that is compelling and understood by their peers. Our teachers understand that the ability to engage in respectful debate is essential for students to develop their critical thinking skills.


Hands-on projects

Hands-on projects get all students actively involved and engaged in their learning and encourages them to think outside the box to experiment and solve problems. Our teachers facilitate hands-on projects for students across a variety of subject areas.


STEM integration

A focus on STEM—which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—helps to guide students’ discussions and critical thinking. Skills in STEM are relevant, in demand, and will serve students well in their future careers.

If you would like to learn more about our teaching methods, and the opportunities available to Medina Christian Academy high schoolers, we invite you to reach out to our admissions team.


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