Our Partnership With Malone University

Our Partnership With Malone University

College Credit Plus Opportunities for MCA Upper School Students

We believe in offering our high school students a variety of opportunities to challenge themselves academically and pursue a college education. This is why we are so pleased to participate in the Ohio Department of Education’s College Credit Plus (CCP) program for students in our Upper School. This dual-enrollment program is designed to allow Ohio high school students the chance to earn both college and high school credits at the same time. While it is not guaranteed, many colleges will accept these credits toward your student’s undergraduate degree.

College Credit Plus

benefits for students:

Enhanced career readiness and post-secondary success

Reduced time and costs of attending college after high school

Opportunity to explore content that is of interest

At MCA, we offer...

CCP courses in partnership with Malone University in Canton. As a private Christian liberal arts college, Malone University is an ideal partner to MCA and offers a similar learning environment to students should they choose to complete their coursework on campus. Malone University believes, as we do, “Our faith is more than just our heritage…it is how we learn and live.” Every student is encouraged to pursue Jesus Christ through their learning experiences.

The available CCP courses for MCA students

CCP English Composition
(first offered in Fall 2020)
This course explores language as a way of discovering and communicating truth and incorporates a great deal of writing, reading, and responding to expository essays.

CCP Pre-Calculus
(first offered in Fall 2020)
This course offers students a conceptual understanding and fluency with the algebraic techniques and manipulations necessary for success in calculus.

CCP Statistics
(to be offered in Fall 2021)
This course focuses on helping students gain a conceptual foundation and the quantitative skills necessary to meaningfully interpret data and statistical results.

To participate in...

College Credit Plus courses, MCA students must first gain admission to Malone University. Select students may also be eligible for state funding to cover the cost of tuition through the program. It should be noted that there are increased responsibilities involved in the CCP program for both students and their parents—communication will be key. For example, a college professor is not required to notify a parent if a student misses an assignment deadline or fails a test. Grading periods and school calendars may be different from MCA and will require the student to manage their personal schedule with care. There are more details about the CCP program in our academic catalog.

Contact Our Admissions Team

Would you like your student to have the opportunity to participate in College Credit Plus while receiving an academically rigorous and Christ-centered high school education? You can learn more about our Upper School by contacting our admissions team. We look forward to helping you decide whether a private Christian high school education is right for your student and your family.

Contact Our Admissions Team

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