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MCA 9th grader

“Throughout my time at MCA, I have grown a lot, both spiritually and mentally. When I first transferred, I was nervous to come; I wasn’t excited about school and my faith in Christ was weak. My first day here I was so scared that I wouldn’t have any friends and that I wasn’t going to enjoy it. However, it was fantastic. The teachers were so kind and welcoming, and I had an immediate click with all of the students in my class. I have become so close to all of my friends, and the school has made me a completely different and better person. Because of all of the fantastic chapel services, one- on- one relationships with the teachers, Christian perspective, mission trips, and just the overall experience, I have grown significantly. Now, I look forward to coming to school, have the best friends that I have ever had, participate in school sports and performing arts programs, and most importantly, I have grown in Christ.”

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