A Day in the Life of a MCA Student

A Day in the Life of a MCA Student

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Our students in grades Prek-12 are on a journey of growth. As they transition from elementary school, into middle school and high school, preparing for God’s calling after highschool, they are growing in every facet of their lives: academically, spiritually, and socially. School-aged years are a critical time for our educators to prepare students for the future, helping them become independent learners and thinkers while also remaining rooted in a Christ-centered worldview.

While every day for each student will be unique, this will provide just a sampling of the many activities and experiences our students have each day.

Participate in Engaging Discussions in all Classes.

Our teachers have a very important responsibility: They help our students become who God intended them to be. This means understanding Christ and the role His Word plays in our lives, from making decisions to knowing our own hearts and minds.

Begin to Take Accountability for Their Studies.

We work to establish good study habits for our students in elementary school so that they can become more autonomous in middle school and independent in high school. They learn how to manage freedom and responsibility.

Introduced to the Fine Arts.

Elementary students participate in yearly music recitals and have the opportunity to explore their musical talents. Middle school students might participate in drama club or join the choir. They might play an instrument in the worship band for school chapel services or pursue their study of the piano or another art medium, like drawing. In high school, students expand upon their experiences by becoming leaders during worship nights, performers in drama programs and participants in school-wide art shows.

Become Student-Athletes.

Our students participate in a variety of sports throughout the year including varsity athletics, clubs, and physical education. Some more formalized sports programs include cross country, track, volleyball, and basketball. Athletics provide an important opportunity for students to learn character, build confidence, and practice good sportsmanship.

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