Academic Life at Our Upper School

The Many Benefits of a

Christian Preparatory Education

It is hard to put into words the special spirit of our Upper School. That spirit lives through our high school students, who are inherently kind, inquisitive, academically motivated, and driven to deepen their faith. MCA provides a unique environment for these young people to both excel in their academic pursuits as they look ahead to college as well as to grow a strong and unwavering relationship with Christ. For this reason, more families and students are choosing an MCA education. Enrollment at the Upper School increased 200% this year!

Are you considering the benefits of a Christ-centered, academically rigorous education for your high school student? Consider the advantages of Medina Christian Academy’s Upper School.

Access to

Advanced Placement (AP) and College Credit Plus (CCP) Classes

Through our partnership with Malone University, we are able to offer several CCP classes that our high school students can take for college credit. For example, this fall, we began offering CCP English Composition. In fall 2021, we will also add CCP Statistics. In addition, we offer multiple AP courses including government, psychology, and language and composition. This challenging coursework— taught from a Christian perspective—provides students with a college-level introduction in multiple disciplines.

Opportunity to Participate in

AP Capstone

Our AP offerings include the prestigious AP Capstone Diploma Program. This program combines the AP Research and AP Seminar courses. MCA is one of the only Northeast Ohio area high schools that provides this opportunity. This program gives students experience with collegiate expectations for research, analysis, study, and debate. Many colleges look positively on students who have completed and received the AP Capstone Diploma.

Support of Talented Teachers

Who Serve as Mentors

Our teachers guide our high school students in developing their critical thinking, speech and debate, and research capabilities. As they teach these essential skills, teachers infuse their lessons with biblical perspectives. This is the difference of an MCA Christ-centered approach to education. Students are challenged academically at the same time as they are challenged to deepen their understanding of Christ.

Chance to Explore a

Variety of Electives

MCA makes a strong effort to provide a variety of elective courses for our students. These courses help enrich students’ education, as well as give students a chance to explore their unique interests and passions. In the last year, we have added several new electives, including Introduction to Coding and Japanese Missions, to continue to diversify our curriculum for MCA students. 

As you prayerfully consider a Christian high school education for your student, please know we are here to provide more information and answer any questions. Reach out to our school admissions office at any time.

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