Why Send Your Child to a Private Christian School?

Why Send Your Child to a Private Christian School?

Our Top Reasons to Consider a Christian Education

There are many fine educational opportunities for K–12 students in Northeast Ohio and the Medina community. Why should you invest in a private Christian education for your child at Medina Christian Academy? We find that some of our prospective families have questions about the benefits and values of Christian schooling, teaching philosophies, and guiding beliefs.

sending your child to a Christian school

a deeply personal decision

While sending your child to a Christian school is a deeply personal decision for many parents and families for a variety of reasons, we aim to help you in your decision making by answering your common questions and sharing more about who we are, our beliefs, and how our school community operates. That’s why we have prepared a list of our top reasons to consider a Christian education for your child.

  1. Students are guided to discover God’s purpose in their lives. We guide students spiritually and academically to create a strong foundation of faith. Discovering their purpose as a child of God will serve them for the rest of their lives.
  2. All studies are biblically based. We draw from the Bible, beginning in preschool—where students are asked to memorize weekly scripture verses—through high school. Our teachers draw connections to Christ across all subject areas.
  3. Students have regular opportunities for worship. Perhaps the greatest difference of a private Christian school is our ability to worship together as a school community. From attending weekly chapel services to participating in choir or worship band, students often join with their peers in praise and worship of the Lord.
  4. We are a like-minded Christian community. As your student grows and progresses through Medina Christian Academy, you will have an opportunity to meet, develop, and strengthen relationships with other Christian families.
  5. Teachers act not only as educators but as disciples of God’s word. From preschool through graduation, our teachers serve as spiritual mentors for students, guiding them to grow in their unique and individual relationship with God.
  6. We emphasize academic excellence and achievement. We provide a rigorous, challenging education that aims to prepare our students for the real world. Our high school students can participate in a variety of unique electives as well as honors, Advancement Placement, and College Credit Plus courses.
  7. We put our faith in action. Students participate in community outreach and mission trips, both in the United States and abroad. These opportunities show our students how God works through them to help others.
  8. Students learn how to bring God’s glory to the world. A private Christian education, above all, strengthens each student’s relationship with Christ. Students are encouraged to carry their faith and their love of God with them in all they do after they leave MCA.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our team, schedule a visit, or start your application. We are here to help in any way we can.

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