How 2020 Changed Us

Coming Together as One

MCA Family

Throughout 2020, we have faced the challenges of COVID-19. Yet in the face of uncertainty, drawing on our faith and our trust in God, we came together as a school community that is stronger than ever. At Medina Christian Academy, we are more than individual students, parents, teachers, staff members, and alumni—we are a family. 

While 2020 will undoubtedly be remembered for its difficulties, it should also be remembered as a time of perseverance, growth, and joy for our school community. Here are just a few examples:


Teachers Going Above and Beyond

Medina Christian Academy teachers have consistently gone above and beyond to maintain a welcoming school environment, no matter the extra time and energy it required. Their unwavering commitment to educating and discipling our students is something to be celebrated. We are blessed to have such wonderful, dedicated teachers at our school.


Students Rising to Challenges

We have witnessed so many of our students rising to the challenges of this year and supporting one another. They’ve taken the disappointments of this year, such as our annual Homecoming festivities being postponed, in stride and supported one another. They are truly living God’s word through their actions.


Student-Athletes Exemplifying Character and Discipline

Our student-athletes, guided by our coaches, have continued to make us proud by their display of character. Though the competitive experiences this season have looked different for our Knights, they continue to excel and give their very best. We celebrate all of our student-athletes’ personal achievements, both in their sport and in the classroom.


Progress Toward Bringing All Students to One Campus

Our capital campaign efforts have continued throughout 2020. While there are many challenges to fundraising at this time, our school community and staff are still finding new ways to continue our efforts. 2020 was a momentous year in the life of our school: We purchased the former Rustic Hills Country Club property in January and opened our new Upper School on the campus in August. We cannot wait to see how God will bless Medina Christian Academy in 2021.


As we end 2020, and look to the second half of our school year, know how grateful we are to have you as part of our MCA family. We wish you the very best for the New Year!

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