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Current Families

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An Example of Living in Faith, Leading the Future

Current students and their families have had a unique view of this special time in the life of our school as we work toward fulfilling our Living in Faith, Leading the Future capital campaign. In many ways, Medina Christian Academy is growing and evolving right along with your students. Students have witnessed the physical transformation of their school with the acquisition and development of our new campus, and they shared firsthand in the excitement as we opened the doors of the Upper School.

As we reflect on our campaign goals, we talk a lot about the role of Medina Christian Academy in providing a Christian-based education for future generations. But it is so important not to overlook the special work that is happening right now with our current students and their unique relationship to our campaign.

Blessing Current Students

The Impact

To be certain, the campaign is designed to sustain our school for the future and ensure that more students and their families can realize the profound impact of a private Christian-based school; however, the campaign will also have immeasurable benefits on our current students:


  • One Campus: When our campaign goal is realized, we will be able to unite our upper and lower school students on one campus. How special this will be for all of our current students across all grade levels! The reimagined buildings, workspaces, and gathering spaces are designed with the needs of our students in mind and provide an enhanced learning environment.


  • Student Scholarships: Along with the necessity of funding the continued renovation and expansion of our Rustic Hills campus, the campaign will also fund additional student scholarships. These scholarships will extend the reach of our school and allow more students to receive the benefits of a Christ-centered education.


  • Distinguished Alumni: After our students move on to their chosen collegiate or work endeavors, they carry the designation of Medina Christian Academy graduate with them. As the campaign allows MCA to continue to enhance our curriculum and opportunities for students, the reputation of our school for providing a world-class education is strengthened. This, in turn, strengthens the value of your student’s MCA high-school diploma and increases possibilities for them as MCA alumni.

We Could Not Do it Without You

Thank You

We thank all of our current families and students for their ongoing support of our campaign. Whether you are contributing your time and financial resources or you are holding us in prayer, we are so grateful. Know that a desire to provide the best-possible education for your students is what motivates us every single day as we strive to live in faith and lead the future.

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