Our Focus on Relationship Building

Our Focus on Relationship Building

How Students Grow in Faith Through Engaging With One Another

“For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.” – 1 John 5:4


Medina Christian Academy’s mission is to guide our students in growing their faith and building a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. This is an ongoing journey and one that students will walk every day of their lives, but they will not walk this path alone. Students will be discipled and mentored by their teachers every single day. They will be guided by our school leaders, coaches, program facilitators, and other adult figures within our school environment. And last but not least, our students will also grow in faith through their relationships with one another. 

We believe it is so important for students to have opportunities to engage in purposeful and valuable conversations, to learn from one another, and to join together in their pursuit of Christ. MCA promotes this important fellowship among students in a variety of ways:

Weekly Chapel Services

Students plan, lead, and execute weekly Chapel services together. This gives students a unique opportunity to work together to express their faith and create a meaningful worship experience for their peers.

Small Groups in Chapel

We facilitate and moderate small group discussions for students in our Chapel. Our students have an opportunity to discuss their faith journey, share their challenges and questions, and provide support for each other on a weekly basis.

Student Life Activities

Students grow their gifts together and gain confidence in who God has created each of them to be through student life activities. The rich student life at MCA includes everything from drama club and Power of the Pen to National Honor Society and math olympics. 


When students participate in an athletic team, they learn how to work together to overcome challenges, endure hardships, and celebrate their successes. This important fellowship among MCA Knights develops their character and honors God.

Community Outreach 

Our students have unique opportunities to spread the love of God in the community through outreach and mission trips. We find that these experiences uniquely bond our students through a shared desire to serve others and let God work through them. 

Growing Together

Our school community—like any community of faith—is built on relationships. The relationships students have with teachers, administrators, friends, and fellow students will provide support that will follow them when they leave MCA to proclaim the goodness of Christ and spread the Gospel. Would your student benefit from this Christ-centered academic environment? We would love to speak to you about whether MCA is a good fit for your student and family.

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