Spiritual Retreats for Middle & High School Students


At Medina Christian Academy, we are always working to develop, foster, and grow our Christ-centered community. Our mission guides our educational approach in the classroom. It helps our students grow in new and deeper relationships with Christ, foster disciple-making relationships and prepare for lives of leadership and service. Our spiritual emphasis retreats are integral to this mission.

middle school and high school

key elements of the retreat

Each fall, our middle school and high school students attend a retreat where spiritual growth and fun activities coincide. If your student has not yet attended an MCA Upper Campus spiritual retreat, you may be curious about what it includes. These are a few of the key elements of the retreat:

  • Reflection: Students will spend time in small groups with a trusted teacher or staff member. During this time, they will reflect on their own spiritual growth. They will also listen to and learn from dynamic speakers who share their own experiences and stories.
  • Worship: Students will have the opportunity for churches and universities to lead them in worship, prayer, and spiritual growth.
  • Community: While there will be an emphasis on spiritual reflection and worship, there will also be plenty of time for outdoor fun. Students will participate in singular, team and all group activities.

We believe these retreats are an important part of the educational experience we provide as a private Christian school. Our prayer is for students to grow in faith together, becoming closer to Christ and closer to each other during the weekend. If you would like to learn more about our community of faith, academic approach, and the additional opportunities we provide for our Upper Campus students, please reach out to our team.

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