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the future is now

The Future is Now

By Robert Knight, Sr.


After all that has happened this past year, it’s time to celebrate God’s blessings and abundance — His faithfulness — to Medina Christian Academy. 


We surely can say that everyone has suffered to some degree. That has become our common bond of strength.  

Whether it be health, business, finances, social relationships, education, sports, family, spiritual, political … or all of these. I pray that in the greater sense, these trials and tribulations draw us nearer to God and our Lord Jesus Christ. The MCA family has not been unaffected by these challenges. 

And yet, the reality is: MCA opened our new Upper School at Rustic Hills last year, and students in grades 7-12 are missing very few days. In addition, enrollment is up 40% — at record levels. Great plans are underway for MCA’s future, and that future is now! 

The Kingdom is being realized at MCA. Doors of opportunity are opening … families and lives are being changed for eternity as a result of our vision for Christian education. 

As we begin to follow God’s plan for the complete campus, I encourage you to prepare for the greater blessings of the outreach and harvest of souls — the true riches of God. 


We will all need to pray fervently about the part each of us is called to play. The financial effort in this is one of great faith. God calls each of us to commit to the challenge, knowing that He will bless and restore all who sacrifice in this worthy effort. 


Join with this team of like-minded Christian friends in support of this building of the Kingdom for God’s honor and glory.


All His Love and Blessing in Christ,

Robert Knight, Sr.


community and connection with eternity in mind

Community and Connection with Eternity in Mind
By Joe Timco

“On earth as it is in heaven.”

What a bold prayer that is. What incredible accessibility God gave us to His throne room!

Just take a moment to picture Jesus praying those simple yet triumphant words. He prayed “as it is in heaven” knowingly. Jesus knew every reality of heaven, and He wanted us to lift our eyes from the ground UP to heaven. 

Eternity is what MCA is focused on. Our goal is to make heaven crowded, so we make every decision with eternity in mind. We are all joined together in this common belief: “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Romans 8:38-39).

Medina Christian Academy will continue to serve our students, families, and the community so that as many people as possible will be praising God for thousands of years to come.

From the beginning of creation, being alone was never the plan. God did something about that by creating a fellowship for humans — community. As Christ-followers, we can have meaningful relationships by sharing, encouraging, serving, forgiving, and loving Christ together. Community is where we can be our true selves with others. It is where we show up in each other’s lives for the magnificent and the mundane. 

We want our students and our community to know that God hears them. We want families to be confident and looking to Him to be fulfilled. We must be always asking, “How are we striving together to connect our children to God’s vine?” We do this through the opportunity to be loved, seen, and known. We want our students to know that He loves them, Hear hears them, He knows them, and has a purpose for them. They must see the world through His eyes!

Today, we want you to know that God sees your joy and your pain and absolutely delights in you. His grace isn’t BASED on you, it’s PLACED on you.

Thank you for vibrantly serving our God who turns worries into worship, seas into highways, and hopes into eternal praise. On earth as it is in heaven. 

Please join us in praying that:

  • Precious students recognize and respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Pray that they confidently put on the full armor of God each day so that they can stand firm.
  • Our families would find a world-defying joy and peace that comes from being close to our one and only Savior.
  • God would lovingly guide us to His appointed resources so that we can reunite our two campuses and meet the growing need of families desiring to raise up their children in Christian education. We pray for donors with the gift of giving to answer His call. 
  • We would follow His wisdom in everything we do at Medina Christian Academy.
  • Our seniors would become Salt and Light as they prepare to enter the world after graduation.

And praise God with us! 

  • He has provided for MCA to have the capacity for more than 400 students next year. We trust He will lead families to our doors. 
  • We are thankful for our staff’s love of the Lord, their passion for His calling, and their desire to achieve excellence to glorify His name. It is a blessing to serve shoulder-to-shoulder with such joyful and devoted leaders.

Thank you for all you mean to MCA and to this community — in light of eternity!

alumni highlight: dawn (gebbie) conwill

Alumni Highlight: Dawn (Gebbie) Conwill

Dawn (Gebbie) Conwill’s history with Medina Christian Academy is a lengthy one.

She began attending in Pre-K (when it was known as First Baptist Christian School) … and then became an MCA (FBCS) graduate in 1997.

She even met her future husband, Kris, when she was in seventh grade! He was two years ahead of her in school and graduated from MCA in 1995.

Looking back, Dawn says, there was always one constant

God’s Word. Through the craziness of middle school and high school, all of the drama that comes with being a pre-teen and teenager … through the craziness of academics, athletics, and life in general … I was able to recenter myself in Christ. Having staff members and teachers invest in me not only academically but spiritually was a gift I didn’t appreciate until much later in life. As with most things, when you are in the moment you don’t see the big picture. You sort of miss the ‘behind the scenes.’ As an adult, I am able to see just how God was working in my life, how He was preparing me for what was to come.   

“Over the years, I have had the opportunity to share my Christian education experience with many people. Looking back on my life now, I am keenly aware of God’s plan in placing me in a school where my foundation would be built on His Word.

Some of Dawn’s favorite memories of MCA come from her athletic years — playing volleyball and basketball in middle school and high school …

“Both teams were successful, winning conference championships and a few trips to compete for the state championship. I had great coaches who invested in me both on and off the court, making sure I was where I needed to be with my walk with God. Those are experiences that I hold dear to my heart to this day.”

Dawn worked for the Medina Mayor’s Office for 17 years, and then in the fall of 2018 harnessed her passion for sports by coming on staff to serve as MCA’s Athletic Director and coaching varsity volleyball and basketball as well. 

“Looking back on my life — and looking at where I am at today — I am so humbled. God’s grace and mercy are the only reasons I am where I am today. His relentless and unconditional love for me overwhelms me. I am so thankful He fought for me … [and brought] me back to Him. 

“For anyone considering MCA for their family, I encourage you to check it out! I have two daughters, Ashley and Hailey, who are students here, and I am grateful they are able to experience the love of Jesus every day in staff members, teachers, and coaches.”

From preschool to graduation — and beyond! — we are here for students and families so that children will succeed spiritually, academically, artistically, and athletically … for God’s glory!

Join us in seeing tomorrow’s leaders educated in a Christ-centered environment as they pursue their own paths of loving God and loving others.

Your generous gift to Medina Christian Academy ensures a living curriculum for the next generation and beyond.

God bless you for living in faith and leading the future with us!

Join us in seeing young people — tomorrow’s leaders — educated in a Christ-centered environment as they pursue their own paths of loving God and loving others.

Your generous gift to Medina Christian Academy today ensures a living curriculum for the next generation and beyond.

God bless you for living in faith and leading the future with us!

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