Medina Christian Academy students and the exterior of school

Living in Faith,
Leading the Future

Medina Christian Academy enrollment at our middle school and high school has experienced a 200% increase over the last three years, and, as a result, we have outgrown the current capacity at FBC.

Yet in God’s perfect timing, we purchased the former Rustic Hills Country Club property in January 2020, and MCA renovation and expansion on these grounds will be completed in two strategic phases over three years as we work toward our end goal: to bring all students to one campus for God’s glory.

  • Phase 1 has been underway since January 2020 and includes: 1) continued renovations to the Upper School for our middle school and high school students; 2) construction of a Gymnasium.
  • Phase 2 will bring all students to one campus and includes the construction of an elementary school and moving all elementary school programs to the Upper School.

We’re seeking a total of $6 million to fund the continued renovation and future expansion of the Upper School at Rustic Hills, as well as additional staffing requirements and student scholarships.

Please consider what role you can play in our Living in Faith, Leading the Future campaign today by reviewing the giving options below.

Your generous support — your Kingdom investment — will solidify our Pre-K–12 programs and continue our commitment to excellence spiritually, academically, artistically, and athletically for the next generation and beyond. Thank you!

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