Moving forward in faith
Welcoming new staff

Welcoming New Staff

We are committed to serving your family. 

Whether your student is seven or 17, our prayer and passion is that their hearts and minds will be renewed by transformational faith in Christ. 

Transformation is the result of knowing the truth in our hearts … which is why we are committed to guiding head knowledge into heart knowledge alongside our students in the classroom, on the playing field, on stage, and on 

mission trips. 

Who we are in Christ becomes a living reality as the truth transforms us into His image, and we begin to see the fruit of His Spirit. This is our desire for every student at Medina Christian Academy!

Our teachers are a living curriculum — spiritual mentors — building relationships with a belief that each student has a purpose in Christ. Therefore, we 

praise God for these additional MCA staff members who are joining us this fall:

Cameron Ingram, Athletic Director:

Cameron comes from a faith-filled family and has grown in his walk with Christ during his time studying Sports Management and Marketing at Malone University.


As a Christian and athletic administrator, I believe it is my duty and calling to be a model of Christ every single day, within sports and discipleship.



Catherine Martinez, Upper School Art Teacher:

As a Malone University graduate and first year art teacher, Catherine is excited to share with her students the inspiration and knowledge that can be found in creation.

As a Christian educator and an artist, I believe it is my role to help students see the beauty of the nature that God created for us to steward and enjoy.



Judy Seiple, PK4 PM Teacher:

After several years in a public school setting, Judy is glad to be sharing her heart for the Lord as a Christian educator at MCA.

Allowing children to understand and live in the amazing forgiveness and love of our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the greatest joy and privilege of teaching at a Christian school.



Shannon Utlak, ALC Teacher:

Shannon is no stranger to MCA — she has experience here in our preschool and as a Teacher’s Assistant. She is pleased to join the staff full-time, doing what she loves.

I think the most important thing is to have Christ as the center of your life, and I love that we can share that with our students here at school.



Vanessa Finn, Food Service Director:

Vanessa is certified in Food Service Management and is looking forward to directing the Food Service Program at MCA.

“A lunchroom is a place where students come to seek friendship, good food, and community … Whether we eat or drink, whatever we do, we do it all for the glory of God.”



Jeana Riedl, Student Supervisor:

With a B.A. in education, a Master’s in Educational Processes, and 12 years as a coordinator of student ministries, Jeana brings her experience and the love of Christ to the classroom.

It is a privilege to come alongside our Upper School students (and families) this year as Student Supervisor in their daily study halls. My desire is to be a source of encouragement as they strive to grow academically, relationally, and spiritually.

Growth in unprecedented times

Growth in Unprecedented Times

By Joe Timco

We are called to serve … and the time is now.  

The American Psychological Association reports that 81% of high school students are experiencing more intense stress associated with schooling because of the pandemic. Being a student today is exponentially more difficult because of the shockwave of issues generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.   

In the 18 months since COVID hit Ohio, Medina Christian Academy has:

  • experienced a 200% increase in enrollment
  • added 12 advanced placement courses
  • added 5 College Credit Plus courses
  • opened the new Upper School
  • and raised half of our goal for expanding the Upper School Campus!

All of this AND being the only school in the county fully open during the pandemic!

The trajectory for our students is markedly different. This academic year, 80% of our high school seniors are enrolled in AP courses. Even more impressively — in a year filled with looming stress — these amazing students and their dedicated teachers achieved an 81% passage rate on the AP tests, as compared to the national average of 60%. 

Led by a deep love for serving families, Medina Christian Academy has been firmly committed to honoring parental choice in student health, investing in mental health training to protect our students, and creating the very best, more rigorous academic experiences for our students.  

And what is the resounding message we are hearing from parents? They want the very best academic experience for their children, respect for their parenting choices, and a supportive environment sensitive to each child’s mental, spiritual, and academic health. 

The future for these kids is unlike any we have educated before in history, so they deserve the very best opportunities in a world that is rapidly changing.  

The absolute surge in enrollment at MCA means we must push forward and prepare our campus for continued excellence for the next generation and beyond. We aim to be the best high school in Northeast Ohio for the glory of God.  

Thank you for all you’ve done to make such excellence possible.

Christ-driven, quality education

Christ-Driven, Quality Education

Dr. John Long believes the work being done at Medina Christian Academy is worthy of support — both financially and through service.

John and his wife, Mary, attended public elementary and secondary schools from 1948-1961. He feels their experience in public schools during the mid-20th century was a far cry from what today’s public school students experience. 

They simply were not subject to restrictions on open displays of the Christian faith and national pride … restrictions that have become tragically widespread in many public schools today.

He believes the quality of education at Medina Christian is competitive with public schools, but he appreciates how the teachers, students, and staff at MCA are not prohibited from sharing their Christian beliefs by state or federal rules.

“We continue to financially support MCA because the school is committed to the Christian faith and provides a safe and academically sound environment for its students.”

Dr. Long concludes: “If we were currently parents of school-aged children, we would want them to have the opportunities and safe environment provided by MCA.” 

The opportunity for faith-based education and a safe environment, driven by Christian values, is made possible by your generosity. Thank you for helping us shine the light of Christ in our community!


Love God, serve others: mission trip to Costa Rica

Love God, Serve Others: Mission Trip to Costa Rica

Stacy Howe and two other leaders accompanied nine students in June to a small Costa Rican town called Coyol. They were blessed with the opportunity to join forces with a ministry team called Vida Net. 

While there, the MCA mission team was able to deliver a variety of services to the church and community of Coyol.  

  • Because of the prayers and generosity of MCA’s families, all 12 members of the team were able to take an extra large duffle bag of baby items to bless women and babies in need throughout Costa Rica.
  • The team applied three coats of fresh paint to the church’s exterior — improving the community for several years to come.
  • They hosted a Kid’s Club event, including Bible story dramas, songs, snacks, and crafts …
  • As well as a youth event — a time of teaching their new Costa Rican friends Four-Square, enjoying treats, participating in worship, and sharing testimonies!

Stacy explains that the mission of Vida Net is to use experiences like these to motivate local churches to join in the mission field as well: “They want to mobilize God’s people in Costa Rica to serve their country and abroad — to spread God’s Word.”

The experience was certainly life-changing all around! One student in attendance recalls: “When I was first going on the mission trip, I was a little selfish and not aware of how lucky I am to live a much more comfortable life than the people of Costa Rica. It was an eye-opening experience to connect with some of the people there.”

“Our trip was successful because we went with the intent to glorify God,” Stacy adds. “Our team was impacted spiritually; God grabbed ahold of each of our hearts in different ways and at different times. We know He used us and changed us to be more like Him.”

The opportunity for mission trips like this one are only able to happen, and successfully, when young people are burdened for others and they embrace God’s desire to work through His people. 

Thanks to your support and prayers, these trips continue to transform hearts and lives for eternity. We can’t wait to see how else God desires to use our school in His world!

Art teacher with a vision

Art Teacher With a Vision

Meet Catherine Martinez, our new art teacher at the Upper School! 

Here’s her vision for the art program … both for today and for the future:

Greetings, MCA! It is an honor and a privilege to be here with you and your students this year. 

I recently graduated from Malone University with a double major in Fine Arts & Crafts and Creative Writing. There, I was able to grow in my artistic skills and my faith. 

From painting to throwing pottery on the wheel, my purpose is to glorify God. Creativity is a wonderful way to reflect our Creator, praise Him for the wonderful things He has given us, and be a part of His creation.

I believe art is a way for students to express themselves and grow as individuals. Art projects take time and patience to plan, execute, and complete. My goal is for MCA’s students to learn their creative process, ask questions, make mistakes, and, most importantly … enjoy the journey. 

I aim for students to leave the art studio with an appreciation for — if not a love of — art in its many forms.

While I am teaching individual art classes from 7th to 12th grade, I am also developing studio art classes for the future that will focus on portfolio building and development of artistic techniques. 

I believe these classes particularly will be a great asset to the students. Juniors and seniors who are considering an artistic major in college, as well as those who simply love art, will benefit from more focused instruction and a freedom to research and plan their own projects.

We are excited that Catherine has joined the MCA family this year. Her heart for the arts is sure to enrich, challenge, and grow our students as they learn about the creative and the Creator.

Alumni highlight: Jeremy Johnson

Alumni Highlight: Jeremy Johnson

MCA alum, Jeremy Johnson, understands that the students of Medina Christian Academy have a unique opportunity to experience a quality education rooted in faith within a close-knit community. 

“A Christian school’s biggest responsibility is to weave the Christ-centered worldview into each aspect of education. Medina Christian Academy does a great job of this.”

What does an education rooted in faith look like? Jeremy recalls two important components: time worshiping in chapel and classes devoted to teaching the Bible…

“I personally enjoyed the chapel services during my years at Medina Christian, and Bible class was one of my favorite subjects — we studied many different parts of the Bible during my time at the school.”

Jeremy believes his time at MCA laid the foundation for his spiritual life as well as his career in ministry.

As for a close-knit community, Jeremy remembers the relationships built at MCA with appreciation and gratitude:

“I really enjoyed the smaller class sizes and the family feel of the school. The friendships I made at MCA have lasted a lifetime.” 

With all of these unique opportunities, it’s no wonder MCA’s enrollment has nearly doubled since 2019 … and he recognizes the real need for expanding our campus:

“It’s nice to see the growth of the school, and to see it grow to have its own building and property. Truly needed — and what a blessing!” 

By God’s grace, your investment in MCA’s future is allowing us to grow! Thank you for making students like Jeremy a priority as they take part in the unique opportunities provided by this very special school!

You can play an important role in seeing tomorrow’s leaders educated in a Christ-centered environment as they pursue their own paths of loving God and loving others.

Your generous gift to Medina Christian Academy ensures a living curriculum for the next generation and beyond.

God bless you for living in faith and leading the future with us!

Join us in seeing young people — tomorrow’s leaders — educated in a Christ-centered environment as they pursue their own paths of loving God and loving others.

Your generous gift to Medina Christian Academy today ensures a living curriculum for the next generation and beyond.

God bless you for living in faith and leading the future with us!

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