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Hear what some of our students have to say about their time at Medina Christian Academy.

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MCA 10th Grader

I have been going to MCA for three years. MCA is different than other schools. I frequently think of different important decisions I made through my life. Deciding to go to MCA had a hugely positive effect on my life.  The teachers in MCA continue to give me support. My grades at my old school were consistently in the “C” and “D” range. Despite my new school having more challenging academics, all the supportive teacher helped me raise my grades to A’s and B’s.

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MCA 10th Grader

I have been here for three years and love it here! I play for the basketball team here. I have been to five different schools in my lifetime, and when I came to this one I was finally happy. When I came here they welcomed me pretty much right away, and when they did, I knew this was the school for me. Recently one of the students here led me to the Lord.

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MCA 9th Grader

Throughout my time at MCA, I have grown a lot, both spiritually and mentally. When I first transferred, I was nervous to come; I wasn’t excited about school and my faith in Christ was weak. My first day here I was so scared that I wouldn’t have any friends and that I wasn’t going to enjoy it. However, it was fantastic. The teachers were so kind and welcoming, and I had an immediate click with all of the students in my class. I have become so close to all of my friends, and the school has made me a completely different and better person. Because of all of the fantastic chapel services, one- on- one relationships with the teachers, Christian perspective, mission trips, and just the overall experience, I have grown significantly. Now, I look forward to coming to school, have the best friends that I have ever had, participate in school sports and performing arts programs, and most importantly, I have grown in Christ.

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Even More Testimonials

“It’s like family. I love talking about God with my teachers.”
– MCA 9th Grader

“I like having fun with my teachers.”
– MCA Kindergartener

“Our mission trips showed me that I can be light in the world.”
– MCA 9th Grader

“The teachers encourage me to be light and I have a purpose.”
– MCA 10th Grader

“MCA is special, all the teachers are joyful.”
– MCA 4th Grader

“The atmosphere at MCA is very welcoming…it feels like family.”
– MCA 6th Grader

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