The Special Role of Grandparents at MCA

a special day at MCA

Celebrating Grandparents Day

Last month, on September 24, many of our Upper School students participated in a very special day at MCA: Grandparents’ Day! Several times a year, we provide an opportunity for grandparents to walk the halls of our buildings with their students, meet teachers and other members of our school community, and truly experience our faith mission in action. Our Lower School students will host Grandparents’ Day this spring. We find that students at all grade levels take great pride in serving as school ambassadors for their loved ones, introducing them to their classmates and teachers, and welcoming them to MCA. 

Grandparents have a very special role at MCA: Their wisdom, faith, and experiences have so much to teach our students. Our grandparents also bring so much energy and creativity to our school. We value their contributions of time and talent to advocate for our mission as a private Christian school through the Legacy Knights club, providing generational support to both our students and their parents.

A New Way for Grandparents to Support MCA

Join the Grandparents’ Fellowship Club

We are very excited to announce our newly formed Grandparents’ Fellowship Club, an opportunity for grandparents to spiritually and emotionally lift our students, teachers, and staff members through prayer and service. Through the club, grandparents are given a foundation for planning and executing activities that aid in the well-being of our school, along with focusing on special prayer requests from our students and staff. Special projects and activities throughout the year include new student gift bags, running a Christmas fundraiser, and assisting with fundraising to benefit our capital campaign.

Thank you for your support

We simply could not fulfill our mission as a private Christian school without the heartfelt, active support of our community’s senior members. If you are interested in learning more about joining the club, please email Patty Carroll at Thank you in advance for your willingness and desire to contribute to our MCA community.

Join Us at Our Topgolf Athletic Fundraiser

August 30, 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Tickets are $100 per person and include 3 hours of Topgolf, a LIVE leaderboard, a fiesta fajita buffet, and an auction.